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Nadine Hart

Actor, Writer, Podcaster,

Generally Funny

Recently described as 

"All Bite and No Bark"

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Nadine is an actor, writer and podcaster and can be found trying to be trendy all over New York. A British import and budding director and producer Nadine originally came to NY to complete the Professional Workshop program at Circle in the Square Theatre School (2020) and has since grown as an artist and a person. Nadine also offers accent and dialect teaching and consultation. Nadine loves learning about linguistics and the spoken voice and usually offers funny and helpful tips on her TikTok.


As an artist Nadine dreams in classics. She adores Shakespeare and the Greek dramas but she also seeks stories that are previously undone and innovative. She pursues and writes what scares and excites her with ambition, compassion and an open h(e)art to those who may not otherwise be able to hear them.

As a person Nadine loves to make people laugh and mashed potato. She is always trying to find again the best burger she ever ate...previously eaten at the Street Feast in Dalston, London, 2014. Nadine dreams of building her own house and perhaps owning a DSLR camera (check).

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