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Story Time

Dialect Coaching

As actors we are tasked with bringing characters to life and to represent their voices respectfully. When a character is not from our native region or even our home country we are entrusted with a responsibility not only to accurately portray this integral part of the character but also the story. Our voices, our accents (whether we like it or not) tells those around us a snippet of our story; where we are from, our socioeconomic background, who we associate with. I help teach with the use of the International Phonetic Alphabet but am also open to helping you via ear. Check out my resume to see what accents I can help you with.

Nadine Hart Headshot 2.JPG

I have helped multiple clients with a variety of British accents, from Received Pronunciation to Edinburgh to Cardiff. Even if you're confident but need someone to spot check I'm your girl!

From one on one to keep that muscle working to full shows I can help with a variety of accents.

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