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Nadine also applies her talents to voiceover roles whether it be commercials for companies, video games, mods or even something for students in their final projects she will take it on with as much professionalism as offered to other mediums.

Here you can find what Nadine has been working on and projects completed!


Stay tuned more to come!

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Ralph The Squirrel web edit.wppNadine Hart as Raplh's Mother
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Voices of CtD (Part II)

Voices of CtD (Part II)

Hey, everyone! Today I'm showing a compilation of the different voice actors who did work on Part II, in order of their character's appearance in-game. The music playing is all from Warcraft III or World of Warcraft. Many thanks to all of the wonderful actors who lent their vocal talents to this project! Complete Cast List for Part II: Katrien Van Riel - Brigitte Abbendis, Vardmadra of Valhalas Jakob Walsh - Landgren, Prince Theraldris, Sintar Malefious, Caspian Ward, Crusader Dennis Perkins - Barean Westwind Elizabeth Peterson - Daion Rene Gonzalez - Necrolord Antiok Traver Koehler - Captain Shely, Aurochs Grimbane, Crusader, Footman, Grunt Nick Koob - Efrem the Faithful, Commander Iustus, Crusader, Orik Trueheart Devin Romero - Captain Welsington, Forsaken Spy, Crusader, Footman, Executor Wroth, Grunt Max Fleischhacker - Lord Valdelmar, Wind Lancer, Crusader, Grunt Mimi Pabon - Demetria, Captain Hartford, Mariella Ward Nadine Hart - Sister Triana Annika Schaefer - Setaal Darkmender, Paladin, Acolyte, Sorceress William Shullenberger - Overseer Deathgaze Ethan Guthrie - Headless Horseman Sasha Aronson - Lynnia Abbendis, Lord-Commander Arete Sifiso Mabena - Lynore Windstryke Jermaine Rowe - Kaleiki Kayla Leko - Commander Marjhan Reverus - Uzo Deathcaller, Crusader Lyrecgosa - Dreadnaught Elf (Micha Haas) - Overlord Agmar, Overthane Balargarde, Thormund Wyrmsbane, Viithas Deeptyde, Crusader, Radagos, Crypt Reaver, Vizier, Raven Conclave, Sir Torgal, Undead Naga, Blacksmith Goodman, Apothecary, Inquisitor, Darkweaver Viva La Dirt League - Greg Special Thanks to: (actors whose content did not make it into the final version) Emily Smith Sydney Smith Alex Riggs Chloe Lyttles Caroline Darwin Susan Haas
Nadine Hart voiceover actor
Voice over
Nadine Hart voiceover actor
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