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Nadine's first and one true love lies within acting on a stage. And a global pandemic has not deterred her from pursuing what she loves! Because of said pandemonium most of Nadine's recent work has been through online platforms such as Zoom and YouTube. 

Nadine splits time between the United States and the United Kingdom and, with an O-1B, is clear to work in both countries.

Tap Videos and pictures to Explore

An Excerpt from Shakepeare's The TempestNadine Hart at Theatre 315
00:00 / 11:50
An Excerpt from Shakespeare's The TempestNadine Hart at Theatre 315
00:00 / 08:35
Nadine Hart as Amy in In a Hurry
Nadine Hart as Dedee in Who Will Carry The Word?
Nadine Hart as Mustardseed in A Midsummer Night's Dream
Nadine Hart as Piper in A Moment of Gravity
Nadine Hart as Eurydice
A Moment of Gravity Starring Nadine Hart
Nadine Hart in Seminar
A Rehearsal Still
Nadine Hart as Mustardseed
Nadine Hart as Lana in Birthday Surprise
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Circle in the Square Theatre)
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